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Jinding has been guided by the three basic principles of "Satisfaction", "Satisfactory advanced technology, satisfactory product quality and satisfactory after-sales service"


Dalian Jinding Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd. began to manufacture pressure vessels in 1987. Its predecessor factory was named "Jinzhou Petrochemical Machinery Factory". In the tide of economic system reform in China in the 1990s, according to the relevant policies of property right system reform of township enterprises in Jinzhou District of Dalian City, and approved by governments at all levels, the name of "Jinzhou Petrochemical Machinery Factory" was formally renamed in December 1998. Dalian Jinding Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd., registered with Dalian Administration for Industry and Commerce, is a limited liability company with legal personality. Business Scope: Pressure Vessel, Industrial Boiler Design, Manufacture, Installation, Renovation, Maintenance and Related Technical Consulting; Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation Project, Chemical and Petroleum Equipment Pipeline Installation Project, Fire Protection and Insulation Project Construction; Registered Capital of 10.8 million yuan, Total Asset Value of 348.52 million yuan.


Our company has successively obtained the A2/A3 class pressure vessel design, manufacture and on-site assembly welding license issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, with the certificate numbers TS1210184-2016 and TS2210443-2017 respectively; the GC2 class pressure pipeline installation and renovation maintenance license issued by the Dalian Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, with the certificate number TS3821331-2019; and the ASME and U2 certificates authorized by the American Association of Mechanical Engineers. Liaoning Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department issued a safety production license, the number of which is divided into (Liao) JZ permit [2014] 008960; Dalian Urban-Rural Construction Committee issued three levels of professional contract for mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering, certificate number is divided into B3184021028206, and has obtained the certificate of ISO 9001 quality management system certificate, OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system certificate, ISO 14001. Certificate of Environmental Management System Certification.


The company covers an area of 135,000 m2 and a building area of 48807 m2. There are more than 500 employees and 35 engineers and technicians engaged in pressure vessel work. Among them, 19 are middle and senior engineers, and 96 are welders holding pressure welding qualification certificates for special equipment. There are 459 main equipments, including 2 1500 ton hydraulic presses, 1 2000 ton hydraulic presses, 4 20-120 mm plate rolling machines, 19 3-75 ton cranes, 4 overall heat treatment equipments, and the Sparter direct reading spectrometer imported from Germany for physical and chemical tests. The non-destructive testing equipment is complete and safe, which meets the requirements of manufacturing and installation.


The company has designed, manufactured and installed more than 40,000 tons per year. Up to now, the company has designed, manufactured and installed more than 1800 spherical tanks of various specifications and models. Products are all over the country. In recent years, Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Shenhua and other major domestic construction projects have been joined, providing a large number of steel spherical tanks. Products are exported to Albania, Indonesia, Syria, Sri Lanka, India, Equatorial Guinea, Iran and other countries. The output of spherical tank products is higher in China, and the product quality has reached the advanced level of similar products in the world. The volume of spherical tank is 10m3-10000m3. Our company is also a domestic manufacturer with 10m3 and 10000m3 spherical tank manufacturing achievements at present; the thickness of spherical shell plate is 12mm-58mm; filling medium ethylene, propylene, oxygen, nitrogen, liquid ammonia, liquefied petroleum gas and so on; the material quality of spherical shell plate Q245R (0/-20 degrees C), Q345R (0/58mm). 16 MnNbDR (-40 (-40 C), 16MnDR (-40 Temperaterat), Q370R (-20 C), Q370R (-20 (-20 Temperat), 07MnMoVR (-20 (-20 Temperat), 07MnNiMoDR (-20 (-20 Temperaterateraterateraterat), 0U2 (-20 (-20 (-20 Temperateraterateraterat), JFE-HITEN610U2L (-50 (-50 Temperateraterateraterat610U2L (-50 (-50 (-50 Temperat), 08Ni3D R (-100 (-100 Temperateraterat), 15MnNiNbDR (-20 Especially in the low temperature spherical tanks of ethylene, propylene and high strength steel, the achievements are particularly outstanding. The total number of ethylene, propylene and high strength steel cryogenic spherical tanks manufactured by our company is 797, 288 371 tons. At present, our company has more achievements in manufacturing low temperature spherical tanks and 3000 m3 ethylene and Propylene Spherical tanks. Excellent product quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service have won the trust of users. They have been appraised as reliable quality units by provinces and municipalities for many times. They have also been awarded famous brand products and top ten prestigious well-known enterprises by Liaoning Provincial Government.

Over the years, based on the three basic principles of "Satisfaction", "Satisfactory advanced technology, satisfactory product quality, satisfactory after-sales service", and the management concept of providing high-quality products for pressure vessel industry, the company continuously strengthens the comprehensive competitiveness within the enterprise. The company seeks development in the competition and seeks opportunities in the challenge. The general manager of Cao Yongjiang will join hands with all of Dalian Jinding. Employees keep pace with the times and create brilliance together!